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Knowledge Mapping

This module centers around the fundamentals of Knowledge Mapping, its significance, standards, and systems.

Key Questions

What is K-map?

What does the K-map appear, and what do we map?

For what reason is K-mapping so significant?

What are a portion of the key standards, philosophies, and inquiries for K-mapping?

How would we make K-map?


Every one of the previous hundreds of years has been commanded by single innovation. The eighteenth century was the hour of the extraordinary mechanical frameworks going with the Industrial Revolution. The nineteenth century was the period of steam motor. After these, the key innovation has been data social affair, handling and conveyance. Among different improvements, the establishment of overall phone arranges, the development of radio and TV, the birth and phenomenal development of the PC business and the starting of correspondence satellites are noteworthy. Presently individuals began to believe that solitary data isn’t sufficient, what is important is Knowledge. So there has been seen move from Information to Knowledge.

A touch of data without setting and understanding is information, for example, numbers, images. georeferencing

Data is a lot of information with setting and understanding. Data is the reason for learning.

Learning is a lot of information and data, to which is included master feeling and experience, to bring about a profitable resource which can be utilized or connected to help basic leadership. Information might be express and additionally inferred, individual as well as group.

The term – Knowledge Mapping-is by all accounts moderately new, however it isn’t. We have been rehearsing this in our regular day to day existence, exactly what we are not doing is – we are not archiving it, and we are not doing it in an orderly manner. Learning Mapping is tied in with tracking data and information you need, for example, where you can get it from, who holds it, whose ability is it, etc. State, you have to discover something at your home or in your room, you can discover it in the blink of an eye since you have practically all the data/information about – what is the place and – who comprehends what-at your home. It is a kind of guide set in your psyche about your home. However, to set such a guide about your association and hierarchical learning in your mind is practically unimaginable. This is the place K-map ends up convenient and shows subtleties of all of information that exists inside the association including area, quality, and openness; and learning required to run the association easily – thus making you ready to discover your required learning effectively and productively.

The following are a portion of the definitions:

It’s a progressing journey inside an association (counting its supply and client chain) to help find the area, proprietorship, worth and utilization of information ancient rarities, to become familiar with the jobs and mastery of individuals, to recognize limitations to the progression of learning, and to feature chances to use existing learning.

Learning mapping is a significant work on comprising of study, review, and union. It plans to follow the obtaining and loss of data and learning. It investigates individual and gathering skills and proficiencies. It shows or “maps” how information streams all through an association. Learning mapping encourages an association to acknowledge how the loss of staff impacts scholarly capital, to help with the choice of groups, and to coordinate innovation to information needs and procedures.

  • Denham Gray

Information mapping is tied in with making learning that is accessible inside an association straightforward, and is tied in with giving the bits of knowledge into its quality.

  • Willem-Olaf Huijsen, Samuel J. Driessen, Jan W. M. Jacobs

Information mapping is a procedure by which associations can recognize and classify learning resources inside their association – individuals, procedures, substance, and innovation. It enables an association to completely use the current ability inhabitant in the association, just as distinguish boundaries and imperatives to satisfying vital objectives and targets. It is building a guide to find the data expected to utilize resourses, free of source or structure.

  • W. Vestal, APQC, 2002

(American Productivity and Quality Center)

Learning Map depicts what information is utilized in a procedure, and how it streams around the procedure. It is the reason for deciding learning shared characteristic, or regions where comparative information is utilized over various procedure. Essentially, a procedure learning map cntains data about the organisation?s information. It portrays who has what information (inferred), where the learning lives (foundation), and how the learning is moved or spread (social).

  • IBM Global Services

How are the Knowledge Maps made?

Learning maps are made by moving implied and express information into graphical organizations that are straightforward and decipher by the end clients, who might be administrators, specialists, framework designers, or anyone.